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Mayan Grill’s Commitment
to Our Customers and Our Earth

The Mayan civilization thrived in what is now modern Mexico and Central America at a time when all food was fresh, never processed or preserved with chemicals. There were no cans, no microwaves, and no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.  Each meal was perfectly balanced in color, flavor, and nutrients.  Great feasts were offered, and the food not only tasted great, but each meal was healthy and nutritious.

At the Mayan Grill, we strive to live up to the high quality and freshness standards of our forefathers by offering our customers the best Mexican food outside of Mexico. Everything from our chips and salsas to our marinades and dressings to our amazing desserts are made from scratch by hand right here at the Mayan Grill. We import all of our spices and chiles from North and Central America to achieve the authentic flavors we offer. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, and we work with local farmers and suppliers toward the goal of sourcing produce that is locally grown in a sustainable manner.