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Mayan Grill's Menu

The Mayan Grill offers traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine made fresh from the finest ingredients from around the world.  Our goal is to prove that eating healthy is fun!  A sample of a few of our signature items is below.  Come in to see our full menu!


Traditional Mains

Enchiladas Rojas | 辣莎莎牛肉起司捲

在玉米餅皮中包入香料手撕牛排肉、香炒洋蔥及起司後淋上辣莎莎焗烤入味,搭配酸奶與鹹起司塊增添口感,另附上香料飯及精心烹調之新鮮時蔬。Our homemade Enchilada Roja sauce is amazing!  NT 395

Contemporary Mains

Cielo Chicken | 瑪雅天籟香雞

A perfectly-balanced meal that will leave you feeling ready to conquer civilization!!!  本店原創的一道料理,為表達對瑪雅文化的敬意,利用層層堆疊的方式在手工玉米餅上擺放著碳烤後的香料雞胸肉、辣味檸香酸奶、Adobo辣椒、酸奶、香菜等,四周圍繞著酪梨莎莎*或碳烤三色蔬菜Calabacitas及傑克起司,有如叢林中的金字塔般神祕而引人入勝。

Contemporary Mains

Prima Ribeye | 炙烤頂級牛排

採用12 oz. USDA ORGANIC Black Angus Ribeye (美國有機黑牛)。One of the finest steaks served in Taipei, and controversy free!